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Although our products are available through various recreational channels, there may be advantages purchasing your ufeelu products through a medical cannabis provider. 

  • Nationwide Availability

    Through various medical cannabis provider partnerships, ufeelu products are available nationwide via mail order delivery. Our medical partners ensure our products are consistently in stock, so they are available when you need them.

  • medical professional guidance

    Medical cannabis providers have complimentary resources, such as doctors and nurse practitioners on staff who specialize in medical cannabis that can guide you on how you can incorporate products like ours into your routine.

  • benefits and tax advantages

    Some insurance providers are now offering medical cannabis coverage. Furthermore, depending on your province you may also be eligible for taxable benefits. Medical cannabis providers can guide you through your options.

  • compassionate pricing

    Medical providers may provide compassionate pricing to seniors, veterans and other patients dealing with challenging circumstances.

Signing up with a medical cannabis provider is very straightforward. Simply choose one of the medical providers below, create an account, and schedule in for an appointment with one of their in-house medical professionals for an assessment.

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Our Calm and Rest Drops are available nationwide through select medical cannabis providers.

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